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We have trained close to 1000 professionals since 1997. We see that as a privilege.

How may we empower you today?


The power of knowing.


PCB technology is a science encompassing thousands of rules and processes. The PCB has advanced from a carrier of signals to a fundamental part of every piece of electronics on the planet, and beyond.

We believe in sharing our knowledge and experience, and it is this belief that has enabled us to grow and thrive in the industry.

Please feel free to view our past technical webinars, and we would love to have you attend our live ones too. Share the knowledge, and lets make better, smarter, and greener products.

Professional PCB Design

EDA Technologies is renowned locally and abroad for its expert PCB skills and advanced knowledge on everything PCB. 


Please view the webinars designed to help you get-it-right-the-first-time, and to get your product to market faster. 

Why learn the expensive way, when you have a friend in the industry.

Watch this space

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