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We have trained close to 1000 professionals since 1997. We see that as a privilege.

How may we empower you today?

Mastering Altium for Seamless PCB Designs! This Altium Essentials course is a comprehensive training program designed to guide you seamlessly from Schematic Capture to PCB Layout, even if you have no prior experience with Altium Designer.


Over the course of 7 half-days, we'll immerse you in the methodologies that underpin Altium's solution, providing you with all the resources needed to confidently navigate the intricate landscape of PCB design at every crucial stage.


Through targeted hands-on exercises and instructor-led examples, you'll have the opportunity to enhance your practical skills by applying the knowledge you gain during the training. This program is crafted to empower you with the expertise required for successful PCB design using Altium Designer.

We are pleased to announce that our manuals have been recently updated. Our training sessions will now be conducted using the most current version of Altium, AD23.

Price: R9,490.00


Online Live Training:

19-23 & 26-27 February 2024 (training postponed to May)

13-17 & 20-21 May 2024

2-6 & 9-10 September 2024

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