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** Notice of imminent International PCB Price Increases
Press Release, EDA Technologies, 21 December 2020
EDA invests in patented
EMC and RF scanning equipment
EDA Technologies, 30 June 2018
Survey Results -
Manufacturing Survey Confirms 3D Printed
Electronics as a Strategic Technology
Nano Dimension, 3 July 2018
Factory Management -
How to get the optimum out of a PCB factory 
NCAB Group, 12 April 2018
EDA appointed as sole SA reseller of world's first commercial PCB 3D Printer 
Nano Dimension, 20 Feb 2018

Advantages and challenges with flex boards

NCAB Group, 15 Dec 2017

Designing high-speed PCBs using four layers

Lee Ritchey, 6 Nov 2017

The importance of test structures for multilayer PCBs 

Lee Ritchey, 11 Oct 2017


Simon Fried, 29 Mar 2017


Optimising PDNs can save PCB real estate & layers

Part 2: Altium, 18 May 2016

Optimising PDNs can save PCB real estate & layers

Part 1: Altium, 20 Apr 2016

Designing for testability

Altium, 19 Apr 2017

Why are PCBs green?

Howard Geoff, NCAB Group UK​, 4 Nov 2015

PCB design intelligence avoids last-minute mistakes

Altium, 23 Mar 2016

The positive impact of supply chain visibility to cost

Altium, 1 Mar 2016

The impact of PCB laminate weaves on high-speed signals
Lee Ritchey, EMP Handbook 2016

Design-to-cost benefits from supply chain visibility
Altium, 22 July 2015

The lesson of the grasshopper
Nechan Naicker, 1 May 2013

Think a PCB is a PCB is a PCB? Think again
Nechan Naicker, EMP Handbook 2015

All that glitters is not gold, so how reliable are your PCBs?
Nechan Naicker, 16 May 2012

Design for profitability (DFP)

Nechan Naicker, 27 July 2005

Trends in SMT manufacture and high speed PCB design

Maurice McDowell, 19 May 2004


EDA is a platinum sponsor of the 4th IEEE Global EMC
Conference, to be held in SA in Nov 2018
GEMCCON, 12 April 2018
EDA accompanies Sierra Wireless' on their
Simplifying IoT Roadshow in April 2018
Sierra Wireless, 11 April 2018
South African Electronics Industry Going Strong
iConnect007, 3 April 2018
Nechan Naicker is a TPC Committee member of DesignCon USA 2018
DesignCon USA, Jan 2018


High-speed design expert completes SA seminar

Brett van den Bosch, 15 Nov 2017

Comb Innovation Showcase 2017

Nechan Naicker (Guest Speaker),  20 Sep 2017

Celebrating 20 years of disruptive electronics
Nechan Naicker, 20 Jul 2017

Chronicles of DesignCon 2017

Nechan Naicker, 22 Mar 2017

A giant leap for high-speed design

Brett van den Bosch, 23 Mar 2016

Designing the ultimate PCB

Hans van de Groenendaal, 2 Mar 2012

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