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EDA is investing a substantial amount of funds and energy into creating the southern hemisphere's first extreme rapid product development (E-R-P-D) lab in order to accelerate time to market for South African companies.

The E-R-P-D Lab will consist of Africa's only 3D PCB Printer from Nano-Dimension, as well as a semi-automatic pick-n-place machine, reflow oven and soldering stations, and a 3D enclosure printer. As a one-stop-shop, customers can have the enclosed hardware in their hands days after sending Gerbers to EDA. Thereafter, customers can also make use of  real-time desktop EMC/EMI and Antenna measurement tools for pre-compliance and RF performance tests.

​Companies and inventors will be able to produce a proof-of-concept electronics hardware product within 3-5 working days instead of many weeks or months. The ultimate goal: drastically improve time-to-market performance through agile hardware development.

If you feel you can fit into our dynamic team and will be able to manage the dynamic ERPD lab and demanding environment,

then we would like to hear from you.




EDA is looking an electronics development engineer to be part of a dynamic team of innovators and disrupters.


Key responsibilities include product development; Embedded hardware, firmware and software architecture design; PCB layout using Altium Designer, Embedded software development for Linux or Android may be required from time to time; Perform system testing and integration. 

A Bachelor’s degree (e.g. BEng, BSc, BTech, etc.) in electronic engineering is required; Must have experience in product development and R&D processes; Ability to work independently and within a research and development team; Have a track record of successful completion of electronic development projects.

If you feel you meet the requirements and would like to

be part of a very exciting development environment, then we would like to hear from you.



As a Growth Manager, you will bring creative energy and drive innovation as you manage high priority initiatives related to growing EDA's business footprint and unique market offerings.


In this position, you will need the ability to quickly identify, prioritize, and execute on opportunities that drive customer satisfaction to stimulate revenue growth. You will develop a coherent marketing strategy, implement a workable CRM system, evaluate process and resource improvements, and examine any other areas that could help achieve the goal.

You will help drive EDA's value proposition to clients, where your ideas will directly translate into a bottom line impact. This is a strategic role with an analytical foundation where you will get to create and execute a vision. It is a full-time position that can be performed from anywhere, primarily during business hours. You will report directly to the MD and work closely with the FD.

If you feel you can deliver on this requirement and fit into our demanding environment, then we would like to hear from you.


Manufacturing of products is a necessary evil for any Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) company.

Smart companies such as Apple choose to outsource their Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) activities to companies that have EMS as their core business. This allows them to free up capacity, benefit from increased purchasing power, focus on technology development, drive sales and marketing activities, and maintain good corporate governance. Smart companies are able to drive growth by working smart instead of too hard.


EDA Technologies is an extension of a customer's operations, and is able to manage the entire product manufacturing cycle from prototypes through to mass production. Finished goods can be tested, certified, packaged and shipped to any destination on the planet. We also create multilingual 2D and 3D animated videos of technical manuals and user guides, allowing products to be sold seamlessly in any market.

If you feel you can fit into our dynamic team and will be able to manage our demanding turnkey EMS projects and global supplier relationships, then we would like to hear from you.

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