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Need help with Altium Designer?


Explore all of our comprehensive support options to get the answers you need right when you need them.


Whitepapers, BLOG, Tesimonials...

Explore the featured content from blog posts to social media and technical white papers gathered together for your convenience. All written by PCB design experts.



Collection of useful Altium-related videos

When reading a tutorial is not your first choice, listen and watch as experts share their experience and tips on using Altium Designer.


Technical documentation for Altium Designer.

The unified nature of Altium Designer allows for seamless movement of design data from one design realm to the next, but to begin with, the perceived steep learning curve can appear a formiddable blockade to this productivity-enhancing landscape, and the wealth of features it contains. This, the core space for documentation specific to Altium Designer, provides all the information needed to quickly get you up and running with the software. From high-level overviews and stepped walk-throughs, to full coverage of all the nuts-and-bolts resources delivered through the software's intuitive interface, the Altium Designer documentation literally provides a 'tree of knowledge' at your fingertips.


Simple easy steps to get going with Altium

Installation of Altium Designer is both intuitive and fast, courtesy of the Altium Designer Installer. This wizard-based installer streamlines the initial installation process, while letting you choose the initial 'flavor' of the installation, in terms of installed functionality.

Each major version of Altium Designer is released as a separate full installation with unique default installation paths. This allows for side-by-side installation with other major released versions of the software. While it is possible to update to the next point release within a version 'stream', it is not possible to update from one version stream to the next, later version stream.


A collection of videos about using Altium Designer

Sit back and watch videos covering all aspects of using Altium Designer.

Step by step video tutorials show everything you need to know to start with Altium Designer – Creating Schematic symbols & PCB footprints, Drawing Schematic, Doing PCB layout and Generating Outputs for Manufacturing.

If you have never worked in Altium Designer and you would like to start, or you are beginner or just starting, this selection of video tutorials is just right for you.


Where like-minded users gather

Ask your fellow engineers and Altium staff questions in the forums.

The place to discuss and ask questions about the use and workings of Altium Designer.

Requires login to AltiumLive to access.


Frequently Asked Questions about Altium

A useful aid in getting up and running with a particular area of a software solution, is to consult a list of frequently asked questions. These might range from the general questions, such as "Where do I find this or that functionality?", to the more specific, such as "How can I export my design in format xyz?".

So go ahead and browse through the various FAQ listings, which are conveniently clustered into suitable categories. There just might be an answer to that question you need answering, and which can supply the helping hand to move through a 'road-block', and get you back into the productivity 'fast-lane'.


The latest enhancements to productivity

Indulge your creative passion with advanced new features to help you focus less on process, and more on design.

Designing electronics isn’t just your profession, it’s your passion. Yet the majority of your day is dedicated to mundane tasks that stifle your creativity and pull you away from the actual design. Altium Designer leverages innovative technologies to help you focus less on process, and more on design. With more time to concentrate on the creative aspects of your daily workflow, you can produce more inspired designs and rediscover your passion for the art of engineering.

To really explore the full benefits of Altium solutions, contact EDA Technologies now.

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